India@100: Path to Global Power

India 🇮🇳 celebrated 75th anniversary of its independence form Britishers. On this occasion our institute together with University of Mysore IR department, invited some of the best diplomats and policy makers of India who shared their views about role of India in the current geopolitical ana economy. They also envisioned their vision of what India will become at its 100th anniversary. What Indianhas achieved given its diversity and political complexity which is unique in the world, is commendable. The world has come to regard thw story of India as a successful democratic expedient. But we still have to work hard and achieve economic prosperity and social and gender equality for all of our citizens. India already is respected great power and has emerged to become a global leader on many fronts. The world sees India as an indispensable power in global governance. We ended the conversation with a great commitment to become a better nation at 100.

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